Luke Guldan

Guy Of My Dreams: Luke Guldan (by Lisa Mandel)

Fitness Model and Actor Luke Guldan could be called “The Body” by the fitness industry.

Bryan Hawn Wrecking Ball Parody

Eye Candy: Fitness Model Bryan Hawn

If you thought Miley Cyrus made a sledgehammer look sexy, wait until you see Bryan Hawn.

Beauty King Manuel Rico

Guy of My Dreams: Gynecologist Manuel Rico

Is Manuel Rico the hottest gynecologist ever?

2014 Liquid Plumr Catalog

Eye Candy: Meet the Men of the 2014 Liquid Plumr Calendar!

Who knew Liquid Plumr could be so sexy? And yes, the calendar stars Rusty Joiner. I know what you’re thinking; Rusty Plumber. On a Liquid Plumr Calendar. And yes; that is most likely why Rusty Joiner is on the cover. But in slightly more seriousness, Liquid Plumr has released it’s 2014 “Men of Liquid Plumr” […]

Model Teagan Rose

Guy Of My Dreams: Teagan Rose

Teagan Rose has an amazing story and can serve as an inspiration to us all.

Model Rafael Leonidas

Eye Candy: Rafael Leonidas

A few years makes all the difference with Rafael Leonidas.

Bo Roberts by Luis Rafael

Eye Candy: Bo Roberts

Bo Roberts is the perfect example of what happens when you let nature take its course.


Anton Antipov